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Thread: Periods after d/c and polyp removal

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    Periods after d/c and polyp removal

    He I am curious if a heavy period is common after these procedures. Luckily my pathology came back clear (yea!). I had three polyps removed. I had a period 10 days post procedure and it t was very mild lasting 2-3 days. This time though had some very heavy flow..overfilled a tampon after 4 hours and came out like a faucet when I removed it. This happened twice in one night. Next Day I had to change every four hours. My gyno said no concerns physically and to let her know if I want to go on pill or to try ibuprofen to lesson flow. I sometimes have heavy days but this was really out of the norm. Iím just curious if anyone else had this happen? My dr didnít think it was related to the procedure from her recommendations. At least thatís my take on it. I stressed to nurse this was really unisual for me but she said since pathology was fine donít worry. Is a second opinion in order or just ride it out? Thanks!!

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    You have recently undergone a procedure and your body needs to heal and adjust. I would tend to say go along with what your doctor is saying. If you are concerned then perhaps a second opinion is in order if for no other reason than to appease your worry.

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    Thanks for your reply. Iím not worried just curious if this is a normal occurrence. Thanks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanie1968 View Post
    Thanks for your reply. I’m not worried just curious if this is a normal occurrence. Thanks!!
    It can be totally normal following a D&C. If it continues to happen then it's worth further investigation to try to minimise it.

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    Wait.. Polyps could grow more than 2? There goes my dream of having it reversed.

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    The last time this poster was on this site was July 2018 so I doubt you will receive a reply. To prevent confusion I will close this thread. I encourage you to providing information and posting under the thread you already started.
    Wife to husband with squamous lung cancer stage 3 b
    dx - April 20/14
    tx started May 20/14 - radiation and chemo
    June 23 - chemo finished
    July 4 - radiation finished
    July 8 - PET scan shows tumor almost gone, lymph nodes back to normal
    Married July 19/14
    Sept 9/14 - repeat can shows tumor continues to shrink more, no new spots. New coughing and pain due to chest infection or side effect of radiation.
    Sept 19/14 - not infection but pneumonitis, place on dex for 4 weeks
    Oct 22/14 - now off of dex and facing even more symptoms of withdrawal
    Dec 16/14 - pretty much nothing left but a scar
    April 7/15 - ditto scan and screw you stats
    Oct 6/15 - more scarring but still cancer still gone
    Feb 2016 -scan the same
    Aug 2016 - more of the same
    Aug 2017 - and ditto
    Aug 2018 - 4 yrs NED - no evidence of disease
    Aug 2019 - 5 yrs NED and discharged from cancer clinic!!!!!


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