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Thread: Girlfriend newly diagnosed but showing lots of symptoms, seeking suppot and advice.

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    Girlfriend newly diagnosed but showing lots of symptoms, seeking suppot and advice.


    My girlfriend (22 years old) got diagnosed two weeks ago with cervical cancer stage 1b. We we're both crushed by the news , fought through days of tears and doctors appointments, but we have learned to just take this one step at a time and stay positive.

    My girlfriend is incredible stubborn and insisted on taking a 2 week work retreat right after being diagnosed. She says she needs to take some time to feel 22 and get her mental state ready for the surgery and chemo to follow. I'm worried everyday that something is going to happen but if she needs this then I support her.

    Before she left she had two CT scans and a full body scan. They all showed that the tumor was isolated to the cervix and with good margins. They recommend a hysterectomy, but said it wasn't necessary and that they only need to remove her cervix to try to keep the potential of having a child. The only concern was she was already fatigued all the time and had back and hip pain constantly (including a dislocated back while moving a heavy object). She's always been a weakling, but I don't think people our age just dislocate their backs. Blood tests also showed a weakened immune system, but her doctors said that if she needs this trip to feel ready, they are okay with it.

    However, everyday since the trip started something has gone wrong. On the flight she had a bleeding episode (the person next to her thought she was having a miscarriage), the second day she complained of heavy back pain, the third day she ran a 102 fever with a sore throat, and now she's spotting again (not her normal period cycle). Even though her spirits are better, she's gaining some weight from the food, and she sleeps a lot, I'm worried that it's getting worse.

    Doctor said that symptoms like this are worrisome. Typically stage 1b does not show like this, but said that cancer is just a mess of a disease and sometimes these things just happen.

    Whenever I see her smile I feel a little better but I wanted to ask if anyone else had a early stage cervical cancer that had such apparent symptoms. We both just want to clear our heads of the worry that her early stage cancer is progressing rapidly.

    Once she gets back home we plan to schedule a surgery ASAP ( bc of her age, her surgeons have given her priority and willing to get in her the same week). The wait has given me all sorts of anxiety.

    We are strong, and will get through this. This forum is helping us clear our heads and get some added support.

    Thanks so much to everyone on here!

    B & T

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    Sorry to hear of your girlfriend's diagnosis. Everyone presents symptoms differently so whether or not it has progressed, we can't say. The trip is 2 weeks long? Did she have the biopsies done right before she left? I am wondering that could be the source of her bleeding. The fever and sore throat are probably unrelated. More likely she's fighting a cold. But she should certainly schedule the surgery as soon as you get back.

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    I'm sorry to hear your girlfriend is going through this. I was diagnosed with stage 1b1 cc in April. Bleeding was my main symptom. I also had lower back/hip pain. My bleeding drastically got worse when I was diagnosed. I have a friend that is a nurse and she explained to me that your cervix becomes friable (easily bleeds) when irritated. So I had doctors examining my cervix and after those visits I would often bleed through my clothes in the days after. That could explain your girlfriends bleeding after her diagnosis.

    My treatment was radical hysterectomy, and I'm finishing radiation and chemotherapy in the next 10 days.


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