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Thread: oncology visit

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    oncology visit

    Thanks for the welcome. I met with oncologist today and will be have lymph nodes checked Aug 20th. I consider the path report good news. I have 1b adenocarcinoma, endometroid type. Tumor size 2.1 CM, infiltration into myometrial wall depth 1.9CM. angiolymphatic invasion identified. tumor is restricted to endometrial cavity. Pathological stage: pT1cNXMX ?
    I am expecting lymph nodes to be negative and will have radiation.
    Wondering if others have had similar results and what their experience was, and what treatment you had.

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    Sounds like your situation is similar to mine. My stage was 1a, but my tumor was 4 cm. Treatment was with brachytherapy, followed by monitoring. This year is when I get to down-shift from 6 month check ups to annual ones.

    Every patient's situation is unique, however there are some really handy tools available now for the medical teams. Your team can essentially plug your age, the grade, stage, tumor size, level of myometrial invasion, etc. into a calculator and pull up recommended treatment based on the current best practice.
    Intermediate Risk Endometriod Cancer: Stage 1a Grade 2 some lymphvascular space invasion, DaVinci surgery December 2014, Brachytherapy February 2015


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