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Thread: Mom diagnosed with PC on July 11th 2018

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    I guess there are two hopeful scenarios.

    1. She is not stage IV and the liver spots are something else. Given her other symptoms (back pains, constipation, burning stomach), it seems that something is going on. I think that radiologists that look at the scans have a pretty good idea by the outline of the dark images as to whether it is cancer or not.

    2. It is not adenocarcinoma, but the less aggressive pNET type of pancreatic cancer (like Steve Jobs had). That’s about a 5-10% chance and if true, means that the prognosis is much better and treatment options are totally different.

    Given what you say her treatment preferences are (none) and the financial and insurance situation, an option might be to wait until next year. If, by the time the insurance selection period comes around, she has not taken a turn for the worse (meaning possible pNET), she could opt for better coverage and explore/test the tumors after Jan 1.

    That depends a lot on personal preferences and should be discussed with her doctor ahead of time.
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    Hi Laura,

    I don't have much input, as I am still learning this all myself, but just wanted to let you know my mom was also diagnosed with PC this past month, stage IV for her. Sending you and your mom a lot of good thoughts and well wishes!

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    Thank you for your helpful input. It truly does help. Since I do not feel like I'm getting much info from her dr I turned to this forum. I am praying that this is some sort of good news and we were told to look into Ben Taub in Houston since they will help with the insurance issue. I think her biggest reasons why she doesnt want treatment is because she believes it will make what ever time she has left even worse and of course not wanting to put her kids in a financial hole. It's hard to accept the fact that she just wants to give up but then again, I dont want to fight with her during this time and I am trying to settle into the fact that it is her decision. I have read many of the stories on here and see that some people tolerated chemo and treatment well so I'm hoping to have her at least try it. I agree, if we can make it till Jan she will be getting the insurance we are just hoping we can get there before it's to late. At the very least, I am hoping to have her get another biopsy of either the liver again or the pancreas to see where we stand especially if the prognosis could be different. The dr said that pretty much other then the cancer she is in great health. No diabetes no high blood pressure, all blood work came back ok, although she was slightly overweight when first diagnosed and has since lost about 15-20lbs but she can afford to due to her previous weight. I'm hoping to update you with some sort of good news and thanks again for your input.


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