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Thread: Cousin died at 42. A year after being diagnosed.

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    Cousin died at 42. A year after being diagnosed.

    My cousin passed away a year after being diagnosed with stage 4 signet ring cell carcinoma. A rare and aggressive stomach cancer. Itís just seemed to quick. She hadnít been feeling well for about a year before diagnosis but it took so long to finally find the cancer (she didnít go to the dr right away either) that by the time they found it it has already spread to her abdomen. After chemo if still spread to her bones. How could such a young vibrant women get so sick so fast? The thing that is so upsetting is she seemed to be doing ok. She went on vacations and while fluid was building up in her stomach she didnít seem to be in pain. It was only a few weeks ago she went down hill....fluid in her lungs that was drained but came back and fluid around her heart. She had trouble breathing was admitted to the hospital. The drís said they can do another treatment or put her in hospice...the family decided no more treatments and decided on hospice but she passed away the same day. I know a few weeks before she went downhill she started a clinic trial but didnít continue it because it made her feel to sick. Could the trial have had something to do with her decline? I know passed therapies she was doing caused fluid her stomach or could that have been the cancer causing it?

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    I am sorry to hear of the loss of your dear cousin. SRCC is a very rare aggressive cancer with unfortunate prognosis.

    By what you know, her medical team was proactive in attempting to treat this type of cancer. We all know the need to find answers especially in someone so young but it is impossible to know for certain. Once cancer is at a late stage such in your cousins case, it is unpredictable how the cancer will react to treatment. Sometimes the cancer may be halted but in aggressive cancers, it is very difficult to treat.

    At this point, take comfort in the good memories and while not easy, honor her memory in letting those good times guide you in the times ahead.



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