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Thread: 33yrs old-CIN 3 fertility & hysterectomy

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    33yrs old-CIN 3 fertility & hysterectomy

    I'm 33 yrs old and was diagnosed with HPV type 16 about 10 years ago. I continued to have abnormal paps but never would return for a biopsy due to being scared. I got married this past October and my husband was diagnosed with Lymphoma shortly before-after he completed his chemo in May we decided that we needed to make some lifestyle changes and take better care of ourselves. Part of that was me getting my HPV in check. So of course my Pap was abnormal. I went in and had a colposcopy about a month ago and it came back CIN 3 in all biopsy spots including the inside of my cervix. They want to do a LEEP but I am having alot of concerns with this ( pain, post side effects,posability of having to repeat, severe fear and anxiety). I have 3 beautiful children but my husband does not have any of his own- he was scheduled in Sept to see if he is able to have any post chemo. I also have a tubal- we were going to get this undone if his tests came back good. I want to have a baby with my husband more than anything and I feel very selfish for that. But if I cant, then I want a total hysterectomy. I have an appt with an oncologist next week and I am scared they are going to want to cut me apart and burn me before letting me have a hysterectomy. I am realllly struggling with this emotionally.
    We have so many things working against us but is there a posability of them saying that this is slow growing and I can put it off for a year to have a baby? Is that the right choice? Or should I push to have a hysterectomy?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your oncologist would probably want to treat you as soon as possible. That said, CIN 3 doesn't necessarily mean cancer. What did you mean by cutting apart and burning? That is a frightening visual and probably not helping your anxiety. Hysterectomy is standard treatment for early stages of cervical cancer (if it hasn't spread).


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