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Thread: Can cancer return after RP and no positive margins

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    Can cancer return after RP and no positive margins

    I am curious to know if anyone knows a person that had a radical prostecomy performed and the pathology report came back good saying the cancer was a low non agressive cancer of Gleason 6, no positive margins, and all cancer contained in prostate. Then after a number of years they started to see an increase in PSA again and a return of the cancer
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    I had the same experience after RP. Before the operation, all testing said the cancer was confined to the prostate gland. Therefore it seemed a no brainer to have surgery. When I awoke the doctor said it was not confined and he took out some more tissue and "all the margins are negative, so don't worry." Two years later my PSA started to rise. Now I have learned that the testing is not as precise as they hoped it could be. Seems the tumor needs to be quite large to be detectable. I have also just learned that if I had a Color Flow Doppler done they might have seen that the cancer was not confined. That would have swung my decision. Color Flow Doppler, in the hands of a competent Dr., can detect cancer that is outside the gland. That would have swung my decision. Some say they can even name the grade of the cancer by the color patterns. It detects vascular activity, and tumors need blood to get their energy supply.
    To my knowledge, Color Flow Doppler is done in only 4 places in the country: 2 in Sarasota Fla., one in Detroit, and one in LA.

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    I am sorry that I have not replied sooner but I do not really know that much about recurrence of prostate cancer after total resection. I do hear your anxiety and can totally understand. My brain cancer recurred after 12 years. Now they think I might have 5 more years before it recurs again.

    Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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