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Thread: John McCain hospice?

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    Sadly, this will not drive any publicity for GBM as Beau Biden's passing didn't either. To the media, it is and always will be "brain cancer".

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    Hi Nikos,

    I cry every time I hear about someone succumbing to this monster. I don't come to this forum often anymore, but it doesn't mean I've forgotten any of you. I am facebook friends with a woman that has been fighting GBM for 16 years. You, I hope and pray will beat that!!!!
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    I dont think we are allowed to post links here which is why I did not. If you Google Huff Post, Ted Kennedy and John McCain, there is an article and how the two men died on same day, years apart from a *rare brain cancer called glioblastomas*

    Ugh - let us count the ways that is not accurate.

    Sometimes I get so annoyed I'm tempted to start a glioblastoma organization myself.

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    Dixie, you are allowed to post whatever links you deem relevant to the discussion. Have at it.

    The link ban is on new users (less than one month on the forum) posting to any site other than their personal cancer blog or a reputable cancer site.


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