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Thread: Diagnosed CC Stage 3B - Help needed for my mother

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    Diagnosed CC Stage 3B - Help needed for my mother

    My beloved mother (67 yrs) is diagnosed with Stage 3B, they say. She has worked a lot all the years as a teacher (travelling hours daily) and i wanna give her back the comforts. Unfortunately a week ago, due to repeated bleeding at times, got it checked.

    Cancer is written as large cell non keratinizing moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma cervix.

    Going to a city for the treatment.

    Am really scared and i want to save my mother come what might, a few years may be. Its hard for me to even write but need your help.

    She could be given chemo radio therapy. Her Serum Creatinine level is 0.58 (Normal range). Can she sustain this? I am going crazy by reading all the data available online, and really petrified. I wish there is way god takes out my life (as many years as he want) and give it to her.

    We shouldn't give anti oxidants while chemo? Is it like no juices, lemons or carrots? Doesn't chemo work for all patients? What are the chances with Image based RT? Any diet to follow?

    Right now am giving my mother some 150ml carrot juice and lemon water and cut down sugar. She is currently having fatigue issues, back pain and also pain in thighs at times with irregular bleeding (pale, white, light red etc.,)

    Please advise on the touch path ahead. I am getting a feeling i am troubling her with chemo/radiation but its the only option there
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    Welcome warrior047 but sorry you have reason to be here given your Mom's diagnosis.

    While I have no real knowledge to offer specific to your Mom's diagnosis, I will say, write down all your questions, along with your Mom's approval and ask the medical team to explain and answer your questions. Things like, what type of treatment plan will be put in place, sustainable diet plans, possible side effects, etc. Insist the questions be answered to your understanding.

    Now, I can tell how much you want to help your Mom, but be mindful, it is her decision to make and one that should be respected. I would not encourage any kind of supplements without speaking with her doctor as some can interfere with the effectiveness of certain treatments. Always best to inform the medical team of any changing in diet.

    For now, seems like there are many unknowns that need to be addressed so in the meantime, try to stay calm. It is not easy but necessary.


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    Thanks Lisa. Problem with doctors here is they told tell out the things in detail for us.
    Its just too routine for them i suppose.

    They have given 25 radiation and 5 chemo going hand in hand for 5 weeks. I am just planning to give juices (Carrots and apples and oranges). Is it like i shouldn't be giving any vitamins for strength?

    Also she is experiencing mild discharge in intervals (Not really more as such and also not on a daily basis in fixed intervals). She has been getting belly pain once in a while as well. Is this linked? Per MRI the tumor size seems less than 4 cm i.e., 3.8 cm

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    I hope you are still around to see this. With radiation, acidic juices will likely be too hard on your mother's stomach. I recommend bananas for energy and lots of water to stay hydrated. Of course, everyone's body reacts to treatment differently so just be flexible and attentive to your mother's needs. Do not give antioxidants during chemo as that will counter its effects. Give whatever else she can tolerate.


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