Hello Linda, Things here are just horrible. Hubby is not doing well at all we finally got the diagnoses just today and it is really, really bad. He has Epitheloid Angiosarcoma High Grade. The Oncologist said that immunotherapy is not an option, and that his disease has already progressed to a High Grade in just a very short period of time. He said the prognoses is very, very, poor (which I think we both already knew), and he recommended we go ahead and call in Hospice, so we did, and they came out and got him signed up today.

In response to your last comment. Yes, I live in the US, and I think the nearest to us is about 300 miles away. Wow, 50 Pet scans, bless you heart that's a lot. That's sweet that your hubby drives you every time shows how much he loves you. I had an out of town appt last week myself and my hubby, who up until about a month ago always drove me to mine also, but this time even though he was able to drive me, he still insisted on him going with me even as sick as he is, so I think mine loves me too, and I know I love him . Good Luck at your appt hun, and good for you on emailing the questions and demanding answers. That's the way to be your own best advocate. Please keep me posted on what you find out. Good Luck hun, and Have a nice night dear talk to ya soon.