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Thread: Hoping for the best!

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    Hoping for the best!

    Hi all,
    While I donít post on here often, you are all constantly in my thoughts. I read the forum on a daily basis and a lot of you have provided me a great support system and hope for the future.
    My mum is going for a MRI today! She has had clean scans for the past year now - no visible tumour at all which is amazing. However, I donít know if these scans will ever become easy. Each time my stomach twists with anxiety and Iím terrified for the worst. We are nearing the 3year mark since her diagnosis - we are so lucky and blessed to have come This far, however, I just want more time. I want to see my parents grow old together, I want my mum to become a grandmother one day, I want her to be happy and not suffer. Cancer is a monster and I hope that one day they will find a cure!

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    Good luck to your mother on her scan! Hope it turns out well. Glad to hear that she is doing so well.

    I don't suppose there's anything that can be done about scanxiety but I wish the medical establishment would try.

    (Our neuro-oncologist used to say the scan results the instant he stepped into the room, which at least acknowledged how tense we all were.)


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