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Thread: just informed

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    just informed

    Doc called a week ago and informed me that i have kidney cancer. What a blow that is. im a nervious wreck. My first appmt is with urology on june 24th. i hate waiting. I just got out from ten days at Madison V.A. hospital. All i know is that its my right kidney, not much to go on. i hear that if caught early enough that survival rates are at 80%. Thats great unless your in the 20 bracket. A little background, im 66 yr old disabled. ive got pacemaker plus 6 stents, a neurostimulater for back pain, ,2 laminectomies-l4,l5,s1,,had stomach removed about 6 yrs ago {non cancer}, bled out twice from stomach surgeries, severe neuropathy, 5 hernias repaired, TIA ,Afib , Arachnoiditis, Achalasia and now this. Im a fighter but things are getting harder. i guess im happy just to be on top side of dirt. First thing i told doc was TAKE IT OUT..I think thats pretty much a normal response. Since jan ive lost 4o lbs and doc wants to implant a feeding tube.. im sorry for rambling on,just nerves. update,6-19-2019, GI Doc called today,,NOW THEY ARE CONSIDERNG THE POEM procedure on my esophagus..They are worried that i wont be able to fight the cancer if my nutrition levels will be to low,,part of Achalasia.
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