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Thread: Regrowth

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    For those of you who have dealt with re - occurrence - when did the intervene? At what size was the tumor

    My spouse is an Anaplastic Oglio 3 patient. A small regrowth was detected last mri but no intervention yet. He has another MRI and follow up this week

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    Well, with GBM it's different, but with GBM if it's the first time there's been regrowth, they'll often wait until the next MRI, and even until the MRI after that, just to see if it really is regrowth and not pseudoprogression. That's in cases where the regrowth isn't huge and explosive.

    It sounds like they're taking a similar approach.

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    My hubby was diagnosed with GBM grade IV the end of March. They removed all the tumor, then he had radiation and chemo. He had one 3 month checkup that had a clear MRI. 4 weeks ago he had a seizure and of to the ER; they did a CT scan and saw nothing. Then last week he fell and I had to take him back to the ER. He ended up in the hospital where he had his surgery. They ran a MRI and it showed a regrowth as well as the tumor crossing over both lobes, making it inoperable. Hes now on Avastin every 2 weeks, with an MRI in 3 months.

    Dont know the size of this recurrence but my guess would be at least as big as the first one (golf ball size).

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    Welcome, jenyj. I'm sorry to hear of your husband's GBM recurrence.

    MRIs are usually given every two months with GBM. Is he being seen by a neuro-oncologist?

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    He was seeing a neuro-Oncologist when he was in the hospital for the surgery. Now that we’re home and seeing someone in town it’s just an Oncologist. He comes highly recommended and was my Oncologist in 2009 when I had breast cancer.

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    My spouse has a slower growing tumor then GBM and so it likely wont grow as quickly

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    Hi jenyj,

    Your story sounds pretty similar to ours. My husband also was diagnosed with GBM multiforme in March and all the tumor was removed. Had the same treatment as yours. Never did all that well while on radiation. Then in August he had lots of fluid in his brain which they removed surgically. He had a major seizure either during or after the procedure and his left arm and leg/foot are very weak. He is now in a hospital bed in our family room with a gait belt and a walker. I can no longer walk by himself. He is also very confused re. daily living. He will have an MRI on 12/18/18 and I am really afraid that he has regrowth because of the daily confusion. His last MRI was in July.
    From what I just read here, I am now concerned why the doctors did not schedule an MRI sooner. He did have a CT scan a month ago.
    If there is regrowth I have been looking into different trials and studies, one of them being immunotheraphy. But I really cannot get too much info on how immunotheraphy works. It looks like there would be surgery involved which scares me.


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