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Thread: Bad butt

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    Bad butt

    I have had colon cancer twice. The first time in 2000 and again in 2015. Like many of you after 2 resections we don't have much of a colon left. Because of this I have very frequent bowel movements. Which of course leads to a very, very sore butt. For those of you with this problem, what has worked for you? I have tried countless cremes and medications both prescription and over the counter. Nothing seems to help. Please let me know what works for you. I am willing to try anything. Thank you in advance.
    (Miserable in Minnesota)

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    Hi Ritchie

    That twice is just being greedy!

    How much of your colon do you have left? I have half but many on here have much less. I just wondered if there was anything you could do to slow everything down and make the problem less in the first place? I take up to 4 loperamide twice a day sometimes to get me back to normal.

    Regards, Nick
    Age 1/2 way to 120 plus 1. Symptom of blood in stools May 2011. Colonoscopy June 2011 confirmed rectal cancer. CT scan June 2011 showed no spread to other organs. Anterior resection July 2011 plus 50% bowel removed due to thickening observed during operation. Biopsy confirmed stage 2 in rectum only. Completed 8 cycles of precautionary capecitabine (4600mg Xeloda). Returned to horse riding 6 weeks post op, jumping 2weeks later and first competition 2 weeks after that. July 2012 - CT scan clear. June 2014 - CT scan clear. December 2014 - Colonoscopy clear. July 2017 - 6 year CT scan clear.


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