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Thread: 21 year old medical mystery?

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    Lightbulb 21 year old medical mystery?

    Hello all,

    I am a 21 year old female, perfectly healthy before March 2016. In March 2016 I had a bad case of viral meningitis (suspected/probable) with low white-counts (2.1) and platelets (~50k) which rose to normal in a week. Hem/Onc did flow cytometry at that time which looked infectious, and showed no evidence of blasts or other concerning features.

    3-4 months later I developed fatigue/malaise, significant backaches that come and go, and fleeting joint pains in my fingers/wrists/knees/ankles/toes. I often have no appetite (unusual for me) and have to choke down enough food. These symptoms have been constant over two years now. They have worsened mildly.

    Also 2 years ago, I started to get "episodes" 1-3x per month with swollen, painless hard cervical lymph nodes (just two, the same ones each time), flu-like malaise, nausea and full body aches, and white plaques on my tonsils that look like an infection (like strep). During episodes I occasionally (not always) have low-grade fevers to 99.6 or 99.8, occasionally up to 101, never higher, and passing in 1 day.

    During these episodes, the white plaques come and go in 1-3 days. They are painless (no sore throat), test negative on every culture, and don't respond to antibiotics. Currently, my doctor believes they are not infections, but just "plaques of white blood cells" associated with inflammation. My platelets are a little high (477) which my doctor thinks is a sign of inflammation.

    My very extensive bloodwork is completely normal (including autoimmune, lyme, mono, .......). My doctor suspects I have a postviral syndorme or undiagnosed/rare inflammatory syndrome without any other underlying disease.

    My question: Does this sound suspicious for malignancy at all? I am aware there's a spike of Hodgkin's in young people. A few more relevant details:

    • My repeat flow cytometry (October 2018 ) is completely, grossly normal.
    • These are all normal (if it means anything to you): cd3 abs, t-lymphs cd3%, b-lymphs cd19, b-lymphs cd19%, cd3+/cd4+, cd4/cd8 ratio, t-suppressor cd8, cd56/16 (NK), CBC with diff and slide/smear review, IGA/IGM/IGG and IGG subtypes, c4 complement

    • The two lymph nodes in my neck have not disappeared entirely in 2 years, but most of the time they are only marble-sized ("shotty" as my doctor would say), and they swell up significantly when I have white stuff in my throat.

    • The backaches are intermittent and waxing and waning, but can be significant, and often worse when I eat.

    • No weight loss (actually gained a few pounds), night sweats, cough/SOB or other complaints.

    Thank you for any thoughts or opinions. Of course I am not seeking medical opinions or professional advice, and am closely followed by my doctor. I just want to talk to more people and get a few casual opinions. Please feel free to follow-up with any questions for me!
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    Hi, sorry to see you feel the need to post here, as you are aware this site is to support cancer patients and none of us are medically trained, I guess its your worry about Hodgkins Lymphoma that has brought you here?

    From what you describe it sounds very much like your lymph nodes are doing what they are designed to do and thats deal with infections and bugs, which is why they will go up and down and in some cases its not unusual for them not to full reduce back to normal and stay raised. HL would not normally sit dormant and it would have shown up through enlarged nodes 2cms + or a mass within your body. So its very unlikely that it is, but as I said none of us are medically trained and you should be having these discussions with your doctor, as they know you and your history and they are best placed to deal with this, so trust your doctor, ask your questions and understand sometimes the are no answers.
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    Hi John,

    Thank you for your reply!

    Yes, I posted here partially because of concern for Hodgkins (since it can elude blood tests), and partially concern for other malignancy because (a) the inflammatory diseases my doctor suspects are actually rarer than cancers even in young people, (b) malignancies can cause an inflammatory response, and (c) basically everything else has been ruled out (including all infections/bugs that you can test for).

    That said, what you're saying completely makes sense -- that HL wouldn't wax and wane, and would be much bigger.

    Best wishes to you.

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    No, it does not sound malignant. A malignancy that was producing such obvious symptoms and clearly observable signs could not hide. IMO, it is quite possibly viral/low-grade bacterial and might stem from the meningitis. There are 3,300-5,000 viruses which have been described, and millions - millions - that are simply unknown. Their effect on the human body is also unknown.
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    Hi, thanks for writing. I am glad it doesn't sound malignant. It is hard to wrap my head around the idea that we may not be able to diagnose this.

    Best of luck to you--

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    Thank you! After surviving a 99.5% chance of not making it, I am fairly comfortable now. As to your condition, we have all heard of the "stomach flu" or a "24 hour virus", but there are literally millions of other viruses that cannot be diagnosed, as they are unknown entities. That which cannot be identified cannot be treated. So, we address the symptoms. Not very satisfying, but that is life. We simply must allow our immune systems to fight against them. With chronic cases, it may take some patience.


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