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Thread: Sun burn products?

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    Unhappy Sun burn products?

    So I just started my first round of chemo and I already noticed that my skin is more sensitive to light. I'm getting sub burnt on my face/cheeks, where I normally get sun burnt.

    My question is this: My boyfriend recently bought me some really nice Dermalogica products. Are these good products to use on sun burnt skin? I don't want to risk further damaging the skin. I thought this might be a good place to ask since I figure I'm not the only one going through being sun burnt with chemo.
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    Nothing repairs sunburnt skin...you need to avoid the Sunburn in the first place... the minute you get burnt the damage is done.

    Look for sunscreens with an SPF factor of 50+ and remember even with sunscreen time in the full sun is limited and it needs to be reapplied as directed. Us Australians are expert in this as we have had it shoved down our throats since we were kids. Every summer the media ads come out to remind us that the Sun while giving life also takes it away.

    Watch this it will tell you everything you need to stay safe in the Sun


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