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Thread: Problems eating post surgery

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    Problems eating post surgery

    My mom is 3 months removed from colon cancer surgery. Since her operation to remove the cancer she has lost her sense of taste & smell. This in return is making her not eat since food taste disgusting when she tires to eat. The doctors can't seem to tell us why this is happening or what they are doing to fix this problem. Right now she is on a feeding tube and the medication TPN to give her the calories that she needs, she has lost 40 pounds since the surgery. We are looking for any help or direction from anyone who has dealt with this before.

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    my response is late due to other factors, never the less possibly my experience with post CRC Surgery seems to be somewhat similar to the problems your mom is experiencing.

    Remember it takes a month at least for the general anaesthetic to clear the system this makes any food taste horrible particularly with a resected colon.

    It also can take several weeks or even months for the bowel to readjust which again affects both food quantity and taste.
    In my case my surgeon advised to eat mashed bananas to increase potassium uptake given that mashed banana’s are easily digestible and don’t taste horrid. Proven in my case.

    It actually took 4 months to realistically get my taste buds back to semi normal and I admit during those months even the thought of food made me feel nauseous never mind actually consuming it.
    Yet with a bland as possible diet, some tweaking of the few food items I found partially palatable we got there, yes forcing myself to eat which is not easy.

    I’d say conservative experimentation works but it can take many many weeks for the digestive system to return to a semblance of normality.
    Hoping things improve albeit slowly.
    Diagnosed stage 3 March 011
    Radical resection April 011
    Restaged 2b April 011.
    12/09 Colonoscopy clear but picked up hospital infection.
    Aorta & femoral arteries occluded.
    Clot buster drugs put me in ICU with internal bleeding. 9 blood units later they got it under control.
    Aortobifemoral surgery 5th May. yughh.
    PET scan indicates clear
    DEXA bone scan clear
    13/5 CT showed "unknown" but no concern from docs.
    Inguinal lymph nodes and severe groin pain.
    Ultrasound and MRI show no nasties. Pheww
    Groin pain and enlarged lymph nodes still there.
    October -still the same pains but under semi control.
    Additional chest CT scan ordered for 11th November prior to surgery.
    Sinus surgery done and dusted.
    July 2014 PSA at 5.10. 2months of antibiotics in case of UTI, jan 2015 PSA at 7.20, 23/08 now 8.2, current 8.1
    Prostate Cancer confirmed Gleason 3+Marginal 4.
    Active surveillance continues.
    PET CT Aug 2017 indicated lung nodule changes
    CT Guided biopsy 7/09
    November 1 Vats Wedge section pathology Glomulated previous infection
    no Cancer.

    Not all's rosy in the garden, but see following.
    Stop grumbling Baz, your still alive and kicking so far.
    Age and illness doesn't define who we are, but more what we are able to do.
    Do what I love doing, when I can until I can't.
    and dodging bullets in the meanwhile, too many bullets at moment.

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    Sorry to hear of this. When i was hospitalized post-transplant, I had zero appetite. I was prescribed the drug Marinol, a synthetic THC - the active component in marijuana. It jump-started my appetite and I used it for just a few days. Worth asking about, I would guess.


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