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Thread: Periotoneal cancer possisble stage 3

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    Periotoneal cancer possisble stage 3

    Hello, never thought i would be writing here, but I think that goes for everyone. So here it is. My beloved mother is getting discharged from the hospital, just diagnosed with periotoneal cancer, possible stage 3. Major bloating of abdomen last week, but she has had some type of swelling last couple of months but cleared colonoscopy ,and endonoscopy. They are saying that the cancer is most likely about 1-3 months , and are scheduling for surgery for Wednesday the earliest. Now my question is what we should expect and also, should I try to see if I can get another doctor to perform surgery , or just go with this one as it seems pretty urgent and they are accommodating us. Also what should we expect after surgery, and for last what is the prognosis for my mother. She is a diabetic type 2, but not even 60 yet, she is scared as are we , and we will fight this but just need some help with info as it seems itís a rare cancer.

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    My MIL was diagnosed today with peritoneal cancer. We go for a consultation with an oncologist on Monday. This has shaken our family to the core. I can't find a whole lot of information on it. Does anyone have any advice.


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