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Thread: Recurrence or radiation necrosis, what does it take to distinguish?

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    Recurrence or radiation necrosis, what does it take to distinguish?

    So my Mom who was diagnosed with CNS lymphoma last year had her routine MRI in october which showed something which the radiologist suspected was a recurrence. So the doctors ordered an MRI spectroscopy to identify. A panel of doctors reviewed the spectroscopy results and came to the conclusion that it was radiation necrosis, this was on 23rd october. Her symptoms started getting worse in november so much so that she had trouble even sitting up. So she was admitted to the hospital where again they did an MRI. Her oncologist was talking about doing a lumbar puncture but then a neurologist came to see her today and said that there's a lot of swelling in her brain and lumbar puncture under these circumstances would be life threatening, so they'll do it after controlling the swelling and only then can they be sure whether it is a recurrence or not.
    So much swelling from necrosis does not seem likely to me but what do i know. Any thoughts on this?
    PS: I dont know which forum to post my query in. I think lymphoma folks may not know too much about radiation necrosis and I dont know how familiar people here are with lumbar puncture.

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    Well it's recurrence.

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    Hi Hopewins,

    So, my Dad has his third brain surgery back in April, because the MRI scan looked like a reoccurrence of his glioblastoma. However, once his surgeon was working in his brain, every margin that was sent for pathology came back negative. It was radiation damage that was occurring. The radiation damage caused my Dad to have several grand mal seizures. I believe the only option to really know if itís tumor or radiation damage would be a biopsy. I hope this helps.


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