At first our cancer situations seemed really different but now are similar. I was told several months ago after a reoccurence of lung cancer after clear CT scans for 9 months that immunotherapy was my only hope. I have been told the goal is to make my cancer manageable but there is no cure. I am assuming there are different immunotherapy drugs. I am an outpatient and they do watch you carefully for side effects. I started 12 weeks ago and go every other week. I've had 1 PET scan after 6 weeks and it showed minor improvement and will have another PET scan at end of December. Immunotherapy for me has had very little side effects, fatigue being the big one. I hope you will be able to think of immunotherapy as a chance to give you a longer, better life.
Let us know how it goes, I'm interested to see what your therapy/drugs are.
I also do not like the color pink. I think yellow, sunshine, warmth.