Just to update on my mother - she had two scans done this fall and they show basically no change from the mid summer scan
that showed a slight increase in blood flow to the very tiny spot. Mom started Avastin again for a few cycles and it appeared
to be okay. No terrible symptoms but no improvements either. The right side continues to decline with her leg and arm.
Her language and talking are still relatively good although she is very depressed and can't get out of that. I've tried
to suggest she go to a therapist but she loses interest in the idea.

Since November, our NO has recommended a break from Avastin to give Mom a rest from it. They are worried that
the awful side effects may come back again. They keep checking protein levels in urine to make sure nothing is wacky.
The plan is to have another MRI before end of the year, then the NO said maybe targeted radiation again with Avastin.
But so far, with nothing to see on the scan yet, they don't know what to target. The NO suspects there is something brewing
tumor wise but it is not visible yet on MRI.

With the decline of right leg and right arm, mobility is a bigger challenge now. But she is still able to stand and pivot to
bed, wheelchair and commode. We still have aides at the house eight hours a day, seven days a week. I sleep there
every night and come there after work each day. Due to her decline, we were able to justify 12 hours a day for aide help.
Waiting for approval to come through from Medicaid, etc.

Hope everyone is doing well here and I appreciate your reading and help for us during our 4 and half year journey with GBM.