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Thread: Mother fell - now in rehab

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    Mother fell - now in rehab

    A week ago my mother fell and broke her hip. She had a partial hip replacement. After a 6 day hospital stay, she is now in rehab. The plan is to make her stronger so she can go home.

    Besides the injury, two noted changes, Mom has been having hallucinations and talks a length about things that aren't there. And she needs oxygen since the hospital. She's never needed that consistently in her life.

    While I am an optimistic person, this is so sad to see. A fall is what we always wanted to prevent and this happens. Her right side weakness has been declining gradually over months. Yet the NO was puzzled about how to treat since the MRI looked unchanged.

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    sorry to hear that - falls can be devastating for older folks. I hope she bounces back.

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    Iím sorry Dixie. Is her being in rehab easier then at home? The hip is a hard one to recover from

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    Being in rehab is a better place for her at this time. She is getting therapy and care that she needs. Progress is very slow but she is standing on it with assistance. I anticipate this being at least a month stay.

    Thank you all for your good thoughts and wishes. Here's to a better new year.

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    Thatís good. It gives you a break from
    Sleeping at her place and your partner being annoyed about you not being at home.

    I hope you get some rest while there are other people looking out for her and I wish you strength for 2019 for whatever comes next.

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    Brief update - Mom is doing so much better cognitively and talks like her old self. Progress at rehab is very slow but happening. Had the progress meeting at rehab today and she will be there for at least another 2 weeks.

    Going home and home care will be a struggle. Social worker is giving me creative solutions while we wait wait wait for NHTD to come through. Then we would be elligible for 16 hrs a day instead of 8 hours a day of an aide at home.

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    Happy to hear she is doing better. Hope you take the time to rest and take care of yourself while people care for her. Hoping you get the 16 hours at home help soon! Sending you hugs and positivity
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