I had my 3 yr post transplant check up at the Huntsman Cancer Institute on Monday. Blood work all fine, save for a slightly elevated Creatinine level, which is just part of my post transplant life, I think. Otherwise, nothing to report. I feel fine, other than the usual aches and pains of a geriatric athletic wannabe. No symptoms of anything. So, my new transplant doc said I should go forth and prosper......call if I need them.....but otherwise, I've become boring as a patient, and they had more urgent and needful folks to attend to. So I was sorta fired.

I don't use or personally approve of the term "cure"....I shall live however long I live looking over my shoulder, and I shall always be a "cancer guy", in treatment or not. And whatever my personal medical/health status is, I will always consider myself a member of this family....you all, together with our friends who have departed us....are my people....and you have my eternal gratitude for all your encouragement, support, hugs, and cheers. This place was my refuge during a lot of dark, difficult times.

Anyway, wanted to share my news with my people. I will still check in from time to time, and occasionally report on what I am up to. In the meantime, just know I remain a constant, relentless, passionate cheerleader for each and every one of you.....I may have a provisional, probably temporary reprieve here, but in any event, I consider you all family, and you all, each and every one, have my love and appreciation. Hugs to all