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Thread: Three year checkup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southsider View Post
    Congratulations, if you have no lingering problems from your treatment, how long do they want you to see the urologist?

    I'm sure you'll have PSA tests for the indefinite future, but will your patient relationship with the surgeon continue?

    Yes, my Urologist was the surgeon so I will continue to see him.
    First PSA in July 2014-5.0
    2nd PSA in August 2015-5.8

    Biopsy 11/19/15
    DaVinci surgery 1/20/16


    Radical prostatectomy specimen (40 grams):

    1. Moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma, Gleason''s 3 + 4 = 7 (
    see synoptic report.).

    2. Tumor involves the bladder neck margin, right posterior, mid a
    nd anterior prostate as
    well as the left posterior and mid prostate.


    Procedure: Radical prostatectomy
    Prostate Size: 6.2 x 4.4 x 4 cm
    Weight: 40 g
    Lymph Node Sampling: No lymph nodes present
    Histologic Type: Adenocarcinoma
    Histologic Grade: Gleason Pattern
    Primary Pattern: Grade 3
    Secondary Pattern: Grade 4
    Tertiary Pattern: Not applicable
    Total Gleason Score: 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfredfc View Post
    Less than 0.001 and since I get my labs done every six months for other stuff, I will have it checked then. He still wants to see me every year as well.
    Did you mean <0.01 ?


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