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Thread: Introduction: Chondrosarcoma

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    Introduction: Chondrosarcoma


    I first found this forum 6 years ago, at 26, during a prostate cancer scare. I never thought I would be back. Cancer runs heavily in my family - BRCA 2 and a long list of cancers. My 27 year old sister just beat breast cancer one week before my tumor was found.

    I was having double vision for approximately a year. I thought it had gone away but I was just compensating better for it. Once my head was turned all the way to the left to see clearly, I knew something was wrong. I never thought a brain tumor would be the culprit, an oddly shaped chondrosarcoma pushing on my pons, cuddling my arteries and growing into my brain. Medical professionals have even used the word neat.

    It is the result of my sixth nerve palsy, and some other symptoms I had not been to worried about. In hindsight, there were so many. I have these headaches that only stop if I stand up perfectly straight. Any deviation from perfectly straight and I am in a lot of pain.

    Fortunately. I was accepted into a highly ranked neurology department. I have the resection at the end of January. I am really scared about the surgery and radiation. I have a stroke risk because it is so close to the arteries and it is my brain. I would literally have surgery on anything else on my body...why my brain!

    I do not Google about my condition. I am a professional researcher but I cannot do this. Thankfully, my mother is in the medical profession and answers my questions for me. I have tried researching a few times; however, certain words and images send me into a bad place.

    I have a loving wife and 11 year old daughter. I am strong for them. I just want to cry. In fact, the hardest part of this is being strong for others. This has been somewhat frustrating for me. I also understand.

    I am just so scared and so sad, yet there is so much to do.

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    Just wanted to acknowledge and welcome you to the forums. It is a sucky club to be a part of - this cancer club.
    But these folks here are compassionate and full of knowledge.

    While this is primarily a glioblastoma multiforme group here, you may find helpful advice here as well.

    The roller coaster of emotions you are describing is very normal and valid. Try to literally take things each day
    and find some joy in each day. Cliche but it may keep you sane.


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