Hello to whoever runs across this forum. I came here for support and to read stories about others who endured a similar disease, young or older. I want to tell my story and my current feelings to date.
1. 2016 Fall: I just started my nursing courses at this time and I was 23 years old. I noticed a rounded area above my pelvis that didn't cause pain. I noticed that I needed to pee a lot so I was concerned I had a bladder infection. I went to my PCP who immediately told me she thought I was 5 months pregnant due to the placement of my uterus. I went for an ultrasound the next day and that is when they found a tumor engulfing my right ovary. The most interesting part of my tumor was that it was actually small in size. The blessing of my case was that a large, blood-filled cyst grew from the tumor and was pushing on my bladder (increased urination) and rounding my lower abdomen. This cyst was benign but the main reason I found out about a tumor growing from my ovary.
2. 2016 December: Laparotomy with removal of my right ovary, lymph nodes, appendix and omentum. Recovery from this surgery was about 4 weeks and I do not remember a large amount of pain. I also developed a small abscess in the top of my incision that exploded one day while with my sister. I, the nurse, instantly was thrown into a panic but my younger sister did great caring for me.
3. 2017 Spring: 3 round of chemotherapy: Taxol and carboplatin which resulted in hair loss and achy, achy, ACHY joints and bones along with exhaustion. My blood levels stayed relatively normal and I was able to continue with nursing school. The MD told me the purpose of the chemo was to ensure that if any cancer cells had spread to the lymph system that they could not see, this would attempt to attack the disease. He told me that my percentage of having removed all the cancer just with surgery was at 75% but the chemo put me at 90%. I liked the better odds so I chose to complete the chemo.
4. 2017-2018: Time passed, life went on. I graduated and got married. I hardly thought about my situation. I really felt lucky that even though I was diagnosed, I only had stage 1A. I know that people are fighting much worse battles and I was grateful.

5. Middle of 2018: I developed intense anxieties. Every twinge in my leg was a blood clot. Every abdominal cramp was an adhesion, or worse, a return of cancer to my other ovary. Every twinge in my head was metastasis. I started to question everything about myself: Was my breathing normal? Was my thinking normal? Is every 25 year old so tired and unfocused at the end of a work day?

This is something I am still working through now. I went Wednesday, January 9th, to a follow up appointment. I told my MD my symptoms and he recommended using this website as a resource to manage anxiety and support others. He also had me go for a MRI of my brain to check and see that there is no tumor growth. The likelihood is low but this sent me into another panic. Before this "thing" happened, I was mostly happy-go-lucky but now I worry about everything. I want to get to a point where every ache and pain is not a concern for disease but "normal". I want to hear from other people and know that it's something that I can work through.

Much love,