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Thread: Confused!!!

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    A few days ago I started having pain and clear discharge from one breast. I honestly just assumed it was some kind of weird infection or hormonal thing. I'm 32, not on birth control, no chance of becoming pregnant. After a couple of days I went to urgent care and was surprised that they were extremely concerned about the possibility of cancer. They sent me to an imaginary center for a mammogram and ultrasound, I haven't gotten the complete results of either yet. But during the ultrasound the tech left in the middle and came back with a doctor who scanned a portion of my breast himself. They said I have a large cluster of cysts and called it some thing with a long name, but that it's probably not cancerous as long as I'm not getting bloody discharge. I also have a referral to a breast surgeon I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with. They didn't really rule out cancer since it's apparently weird to have a huge cluster of cysts, but they didn't seem to want a biopsy. I'm really confused about whether I need to still be concerned about this or not or what is even going on? Also my best is still itchy and painful and leaking so wtf? What am I supposed to do?

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    Yes, this stuff can be confusing, to say the least. I hear you! I say this just to help give you something else to consider. My experience was much simpler than yours, but maybe knowing will help sort things out. I hope so.

    I always have at least one cyst whenever I get a mammogram, and I always get referred for an ultrasound. Not too long ago I had pain, itchiness, and what felt to me and my GP a "lump" in one breast. I didn't have any discharge. It ended up being two cysts right next to each other. They were drained two days later in a simple procedure and I went back to work. I hope your situation resolves as simply as mine did. Good luck!!!

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    If you don't trust the opinion of those doctors, then ask for a referral to a cancer center to have it checked out.
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