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Thread: Post RALP frequency of urination

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    Post RALP frequency of urination

    Second catheter removed 9 hrs ago. And I'm virtually 100% continent. However, about every 75 minutes I get a severe urge to urinate. I can make it to the toilet but this is going to make for some long nights. I can't hold much fluid before the urge hits. I'm assuming this is fairly normal. Can you folks talk about how long this frequent urination lasts? I may just set my timer to wake me up every hour to go. I'm not complaining. The urge feeling is a little painful but not a 10/10 on the pain scale. I can deal with this.

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    May be bladder spasms. See if they diminish each day as the bladder relaxes.
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    I'm 6 weeks post-op (and 3 weeks post second catheter - I had the 10/10 bladder retention pain after the original catheter was removed 1 week post-op). I've got "very good" continence, according to my Urologist, and I get up every 2-3 hours during the night to pee.

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    First night I got up nine times to pee. Second night got up five times. Things are going in the right direction. I've finally turned the corner and starting to feel normal. I only have two minor complaints now and they are minor. A) When sitting or laying on back, the area where the prostate was is really sore. Can't sit or lay on back for long periods. B) The urethra exit point is sore and stings due to catheter contact. This has happened to me every time I have ever had a cath. Compared to the 10/10 pain from retention and leaking earlier, this discomfort is comparable to an all expenses paid cruise to the Bahamas.
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    2017-06 biopsy 7 of 13 cores G6
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    2019-01 Da Vinci RALP
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    23% of prostate involved
    Margins focally positive [1-3 mm] 4 locations
    Cribriform pattern noted

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    Hi Busby! Glad that the corner has been turned and you are finally delivering some good & comfortable news! You have certainly been "through the wringer!" You are the case of the small percent that experience excruciating pain post RALP. Your pain was 100% NOT directly related to PCa but rather due to some mechanical/neurogenic cause as a result of the treatment and catheterization. I'm sure you had some moments where you asked: "Why did I do this to myself?" After your 1st post RP PSA returns "Undetectable," you will have your final answer!!!

    The worst is behind you. 2019 will be a great year!

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    Jan '12: Biopsy = 6 of 12 Cores were Positive: 1 = Gleason 7 (3+4) and 5 = Gleason 6
    Referred to URO Surgeon
    March '12: Robotic RP: Left Positive Margins + EPEs. MD waited in surgery for preliminary Path Report then excised substantial left adjacent tissue(s) down to negative margins and placed 2 Ti clips for SR guidance, if needed in future.
    Pathology: Gleason (3+4) pT3a pNO pMX pRO / Prostate Size = 32 grams; Tumor = Bilateral; 20% / Perineural invasion: present
    3 month Post Op standard PSA = <0.1 ng/ml
    1st uPSA at 7 months Post Op = 0.018 ng/ml
    uPSA remains "stable" at 84 Months Post Op: Mean = 0.021 (20x uPSAs: Range 0.017 - 0.026) LabCorp: Ultrasensitive PSA: Roche ECLIA
    Continence = Very Good (≥ 99%)
    ED = present


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