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Thread: 31 years old, waiting for biopsy results, so scared

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    Ask yourself: Why fear? Health situations, conditions and various symptoms are the human experience. If this continues to stress you out, I must tell you that it seems to point to some level of anxiety. 20% of those in the US (64 million!) suffer from some form of anxiety. There are at least two potential solutions. You deserve to live in peace.
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    does the report actually say the nodes are very large? as that really is not people with lymphoma can have nodes over 10cm some 15cm and 20cm when its mediastinal, now they are large.
    Given your anxiety is high and you are still googling I am unsure what further help we can be until you have the final diagnosis, assuming the is something that can be identified.
    Our advice is stay away from the computer until you know what to search for and then stick to legit sites as the is so much misinformation out there.
    If you cannot control your thoughts do seek help to develop a coping strategy, hope you get some answers soon for peace of mind, though I do worry that unless you do get a cancer diagnosis, which we don't want for you, you will still struggle to believe what you are told.
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    after 8 rchop and a couple of delays, in remission
    some long term side effects to manage post treatment
    some blips and investigations on the journey but now
    22nd oct 2014 discharged no more hospital visits

    we are all on a roller coaster ride, riding blind never knowing where the highs and lows are.

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    I have all my fingers and a few other appendages crossed that you do *not* have cancer! And I feel I must chime in as I 100% agree with poguy about needle biopsies. Seriously, virtually worthless for lymphoma! They should be illegal. When we didn't know better, my son had two - both were "inconclusive" and they had to later do an excisional/surgical biopsy both times, which meant lost time, increased anxiety, and going through a worthless prcedure which is not without its own pain and concerns. I belong to a Facebook lymphoma group of hundreds of members all over the world and a vast majority have said the same thing about needle biopsies. SO, this is not to beat you up about having one, just to let you know to "just say no" in the future AND you may want/need an excisional biopsy to really know what's going on. If so, I'd consider a different doctor/medical team.
    Researcher, advocate, and caregiver to my son, age 24 at diagnosis
    July 2016 Diagnosis ALCL ALK-neg
    Sept 2016 E-CHOP x3; PET scan CR
    Nov 2016 Sixth and final round of E-CHOP completed - Continued to live alone and work two jobs through chemo!
    Dec 2016 PET scan CR
    March 2017 Experiencing symptoms; CT-PET scan shows relapse.
    April 2017 CD-30 confirmed w/ biopsy; Begin Brentuximab to reach CR for Auto transplant
    May 2017 Biopsy came back as Classical Hodgkin's - misdiagnosed initially
    June 2017 Only partial remission with Brent so on to ICE x 2 (worst yet)
    August 2017 Good response, but still PR, moving forward with ASCT. Outpatient at CBCI in Denver.
    October 2017 Clear scan after auto. Begin Brent for maintenance X3
    January 2018 PET-CT shows relapse. Begin Keytruda in Feb
    May 2018 CR after just one dose of Keytruda.
    Scan in August, 2018. ALL CLEAR

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    My lovely doctor just sent me a mid-pathology update to tell me that they've done enough analysis to rule out metastatic cancer that spread into the lymph nodes from elsewhere, so that at least is a great relief! They're still doing some additional staining to figure out if it could be some sort of lymphoma.

    I appreciate what you are all saying about needle biopsies, but I at least did have an ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy instead of just a fine needle biopsy -- they went in and removed five little plugs of tissue right from the center of the affected area (and the ultrasound tech assured me afterward that they got "very good samples").


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