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Thread: Follicular Lymphoma

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    Follicular Lymphoma

    New to the forum. My wife was diagnosed with folicular lymphoma stage 3A August 2018. Some background info. She is 61 years young and never been sick a day in her life or ever been in hospital. Mid June she developed shortness of breathe and losing weight. An ultrasound early July revealed a 12cm tumor above her left kidney. A core biopsy was performed with a diagnosis in August. We were both devastated! Beginning in August she started having reoccurring fluid around her left lung which was drained. The doc said once treatment started the fluid would go away. Started Rituxan, Bendamustine late August. 6 rounds scheduled 4 weeks apart. First treatment very mild rash but overall good. Home a few days and started feeling better, breathing improved. Second treatment severe reaction to Rituxan ( rapid heart rate, rigors ). Did not get Bendamustine. Next day had fever of 104 diagnosed with sepsis and spent 10 days in ICU. The following 2 rounds were administered in the hospital but seemed to being doing no good. Over this period she had her lung drained 6 more times. Mid December doc finally decided to check to see what was going on and did CT scan. We were informed December 24 ..... progressive disease!! Started new treatment early January 2019 - Obinutuzumab and CHOP. 6 rounds every 3 weeks. Within a week her breathing improved and an egg shaped lump on her left side significantly diminished. To date she has had 3 rounds and is feeling quite well. She has a CT scan scheduled for March 7 to check progress. Now for the annoying part ... even before round 3 or seeing CT scan results the doc casually said " I think we should do a stem cell transplant ". We were both in shock! Yeah he said minimum 3 weeks in hospital. This absolutely destroyed my wifes mental state. Up to that point she had been feeling great.

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    What reason did he give?

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    His reasoning was relapsed/refractory lymphoma.

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    It is risky to enter into a transplant unless one is in remission, or as close as possible. Transplant preparation involves essentially killing the immune system, leaving little to nothing to fight any remaining cancer. There are no easy decisions. Taking one path can eliminate the others. And, once you have chosen, there is no way of knowing if you made the best decision.

    A life-changer.

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    Thanks po18guy. Our thinking exactly. Seems premature to consider stem cell when treatment is only half done with no CT scan to reveal progress.


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