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Thread: Know your Tumor - Cost??

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    Know your Tumor - Cost??

    Just wondering if anyone that has had the Know Your Tumor molecular profiling done knows what the out of pocket cost might be? It seems they will bill your insurance first but there still may be a cost to the patient from what I've read. Thanks!

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    My understanding is that the company which does the actual lab work will charge your insurance and the insurance company will always deny it. Then the company will try to bill you a reduced amount (a few thousand $). You can choose to pay it or you can wait for 3 more bills. The coordinating company (Perthera) told me that the lab they contracted would not turn patients over to collections.

    It was 1.5 years ago and things might have changed. So please check with PanCan and Perthera. They are very helpful.

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    I registered at https://www.pancan.org/for-doctors/know-your-tumor/
    It’s free. They can do it within 21 days


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