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Thread: Mass on Pancreas/Waiting on Brush Biopsy Results

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    Mass on Pancreas/Waiting on Brush Biopsy Results

    My mom, 83, was diagnosed with obstructive jaundice Monday. Today she had an endoscopy to place a stent to allow the bile to flow properly. They also did a brush biopsy; results will take several days and the doctor mentioned the test is not as accurate/complete as a biopsy. The doctor did mention a mass on the pancreas, but did not provide any details. What questions should I ask at this point?
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    My dad had almost the exact situation, starting about 6 weeks ago—jaundice, blockage found, stent, etc. CT and MRI revealed a mass on head of pancreas, followed by PET/CT confirmation. Finally got a biopsy with results last week. The first thing you will need is a biopsy of the mass to determine and confirm just what it is, so certainly ask about that. I would want to know where on the pancreas the mass was located, its size, etc. also. You need to ask about the CT scan as well, and also if/when a PET/CT would be done. My dad also had an ultrasound of his liver (after the PET scan revealed some suspicious places there), but it was inconclusive due to gas in his system (from the stent!).
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    As David said, I would want to know the size and location of the tumor, whether it has surrounded the major veins and arteries nearby and whether metastases have developed. This information will affect the treatment plan.

    Also I would ask about the biopsy as this is the only way to confirm cancer.

    I would ask for additional biopsy samples in order to do a molecular profiling and genetic testing. This may point to specific treatments that could be more efficient with certain mutations.

    I hope this helps. There is a steep learning curve, so do not hesitate to ask more questions as they arise. We'll be happy to answer them with the best of our knowledge.

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