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Thread: Eight years

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    Eight years

    8 years ago this morning this journey started. I remember waking up in the ER with a man in a white coat with NEUROSURGERY embroidered on it leaning over me. I couldn’t move because the EMTs had strapped me down because of my tonic clinic seizure. I had had a cerebral hemorrhage caused by my GBM. Grateful to still be here.

    Glioblastoma IV, frontal lobe - Dx March 2011. Treated with standard Stupp protocol
    Recurrence August 2016 (at 5 years PFS). Surgery August 2016, rechallenge with TMZ with immunotheraphy (nivolumab)

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    Grateful to have you here to share this moment with us. Very thankful and happy to see you thrive and beat this monster. Hug here’s to many more milestone celebrations.

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    The works is happier with you in it! Amazing Nikos, pretty awesome milestone

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    ***** The world

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    Amazing and inspiring.
    Wife died from a GBM, November 2012. The full story in this thread


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