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Thread: Pain in right stomach (under rib cage) back after 2 years

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    Thank you for the replies! My main concern is the dark stools and the fact that my HGB is borderline anemic. It went down from 14.7 to 13.8 in the past 4 months. Combine that with right side abdomen pain and a palpable mass (lipoma?), Dr Google leads me to colon issues.

    I will definitely give Cognitive Behavioral Therapy a serious look after i get this resolved. I owe it to myself and my wife.

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    I do not believe that you will ever get this resolved if you consult with Dr. Google while suffering from anxiety. Dr. Google is a symptom of the anxiety. Please deal with the anxiety first, as constantly seeking a disease which may not exist will ruin your life.

    Closing this thread. Should you receive a diagnosis of any form of malignancy, we are here for support.


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