Things really kicked into high gear at Mayo. All tests were completed and my parents met with oncology on Monday. As it turns out, my dad's disease is fully resectable, and not metastasized as far as they know. The suspicious uptake on his liver from the PET scan was confirmed to not be a concern from the follow-up CT and ultrasound. So, he is scheduled to meet with the educational nurse tomorrow, port put in on Friday, labs and another consult with the oncologist Monday morning, and Folfirinox to begin immediately after that on Monday. He will then have another follow-up next Friday.

I have spoken twice via email with his oncologist, and he has been incredibly nice and informative. He explained to me the clear benefits they have seen doing Folfirinox in the Neo-adjuvant setting for resectable pancreatic cancer patients. He said it is the best chance my dad has for long-term survival. He also expressed his concern for my dad's ability to tolerate this treatment, given his numerous comorbidities. They will be monitoring how he tolerates it very closely. As I understand this, Folfirinox is quite toxic, and can be very challenging.

Thanks for all of your help and feedback on this, as we have inched forward to the diagnosis and treatment plan. Any feedback on Folfirinox would also be greatly appreciated!