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Thread: Hai. Iím sad.

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    Hai. Iím sad.

    I just got diagnosed with Endometrial cancer recently but before I post that into details I just donít want to feel alone ya know?

    I know we has friends and such and I know our symptoms are meant to be between us and doctors but like come on, when you feel shitty... Do you ever feel lonely and felt you have to deal with it alone and its the only issue you has? I mean, I know I shouldnít be bothered by it but when I look at couples, man they care about each other through out. My friends and family didnít know yet, I donít trust them... Even my doctor knows how mean they can get and my dr agree to share briefly unless I have to go to surgery.

    But man, I just... Iím going to be 25 in May and all my friends are married, Iím off the boat and its just me and my cancer alone. I just got diagnosed when Iím alone. Hell, I even saved myself from suicide and did called for help alone.

    Idk it just feels lonely.

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    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. With that said and your posting regarding no support, i would discuss this with your doctor as there are support groups available to help navigate you through treatment.

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    thanks @Lisa1962 I'm still struggling with the symptoms, i could post more but it's so hard to corporate from time to time.


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