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Thread: hai again.

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    hai again.

    I know, endometrial cancer usually has hormonal imbalance.

    I showed (i told her just “hormonal imbalance” thing, still not ready to spread the news), to one of my aunt who has cancer, apparently, its genes when my dr ask me to interview my family’s condition... Anyway,

    do you think we can make kids? my aunt automatically say that I can’t make kids if its chronic. Im just sad if in the future, no guy will love me and less than 50% confidence that I will get married.

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    My suggestion would be to discuss fertility options with your physician.

    Also, where are you being treated? What tests were performed in the diagnostic process? When your doctor asked you to interview family members, was he or she asking for family history as it relates to cancer?

    Just trying to pin down some facts here so our members can respond more specifically and accurately to your questions


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