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Thread: CHOP Experience, to an auto SCT for AITL / PTCL

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    debpower, thanks for your kind words and thoughts. I was not familiar with the Poisonwood Bible. I took some time to read several reviews and comments. Our experience would have been different in some ways. We were in a strict Islamic country and only there to start a school and clinic in the interior. No discussion of religion allowed. Generally the local population was a structured, polite, tribal society who practiced a more enlightened minority Sufi Islam. This did not stop the occasional radical from waking up and taking an oath to further his religious faith by killing an "infidel" on that day.

    Our experience was similar in that children died. Infant mortality was not limited to the local population. Several times I was not expected to survive, but pulled through. I have always had the premonition that what I had as a child would come back for me later. Perhaps that is the source of my aberrant T Cells.

    African snakes are generally more aggressive and territorial. Some of them come after you if you invade what they consider their territory and one of you is going to die. Always good to be carrying a stick.

    As of yesterday two weeks has passed since I was discharged. I can now swallow with no discomfort. Gastro issues have resolved. Digestion is still fragile and I have to be careful regarding diet. Absolutely no hair or trace of stubble. The last several days energy level has improved - no more morning naps! We have built back up to a two mile walk when the weather cooperates. WBC has drifted down to normal now that it is no longer being artificially boosted. Hopefully it will stop drifting down. Platelets are now normal. RBC and Hemoglobin are around 75% so oxygen absorption and transport are weak. Hopefully next weeks blood tests will show further improvement because energy levels have improved recently.

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    Yes, I hope so too! I'm glad you had the time to look into the Poisonwood Bible. It was such an interesting story. It was one of those books that I just couldn't get into at first, and then once I did, and finished it, was one of my all time favorite books. Your experience was much different as you note. What an interesting childhood you had! And to survive so much! Keep moving forward - your hair will return, as well as increased strength. I'm impressed that you are already walking 2 miles on good weather days. And on that note, I think I will try and do that and take my dog for a walk now!


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