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Thread: My dad he finished the battle with Pancreatic Cancer

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    I couldn't stay with my dad's body, as cachexia is not pretty. I almost described some stuff in detail, but I don't think I can quite do that. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll edit this later.

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    I just now saw this thread.

    I wish your Dad eternal peace.

    As an Engineer, I know all too well the difficulties in that Chilean rescue.

    The fact that you spoke more highly of your father's abilities as a Dad than the Chilean rescue speaks volumes to your Dad's character.

    I can't think of more beautiful tribute that a child could write to their father.

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    I was with my husband too. As upset as I was, I feel blessed to watch his suffering end. God bless you all.
    His fight is over. How brave he was. 47 years of love.


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