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Thread: Stage 4... Round One... FIGHT!

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    Stage 4... Round One... FIGHT!

    just found out that my 62yo dad most likely has stage 4 lung cancer (9cm mass in left lung, nodules on right lung, nodule on liver, nodule on thyroid, pathological fracture on right femur, elevated psa could be unrelated)

    other than right leg pain which he suffered the fracture, he has no other symptoms

    we found out about the lung mass on sunday, leg surgery on monday, lung biopsy on tuesday was performed and the pulmonologist was convinced it was definitely cancer but not sure which type, and discharged on thursday

    fortunately, we were able to schedule an appointment on monday at MD Anderson which is the #1 cancer hospital as some of you may know.

    ortho oncologist wants 3 weeks for the surgical site to heal before starting any treatment, so we are hoping we can get all the testing done in that time frame

    i had him started on graviola 2x a day. i know there are no human studies done, but the studies done on mine are promising and we have absolutely nothing to lose by trying. graviola does not cure, but slowing down the progression of the disease would be amazing.

    of course we will be going through the treatment regimen promoted by MD Anderson, whatever it may be

    now, considering that the hospital will most likely do repeat imaging, if graviola actually does something to tumors, then the scans should pick up something. i will definitelty share findings with yall

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    Sorry to hear this news about your Dad but welcome to the forum

    Your Dad is in good hands with MD Anderson which is one of the best cancer treatment centers worldwide.

    For now, I will leave this thread here on the LC forum until a definitive diagnosis has been made. We can move the thread if and when neccessary.

    As far as Graviola, the treatments you are ready are just hearsay and have no scientific data behind the claims. I will caution to tread lightly and not give in so quickly to everything you read online. Your best source of quantified information wiyld be with the medical profession. We here on the forum are all about the scientific data and do not engage in alternative treatments. Perhaps there is benefit but until scientifically proven, we stay away from the subject. It is outlined in our policy.

    We will without hesitation offer our support and will answer questions based on our own experiences.

    Keep us posted and update when you can.


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    my family is all for traditional western treatment. thats why were in md anderson along with me working there.

    md anderson has an altertive medicine department. however, what i do find interesting is that in the md anderson website, you can find articles on chemo drugs and antioxidants BUT when you search graviola, not a singe result pops up. im sure im not the only one who has tried searching there. memorial sloan kettering actually talks about graviola so its nice.

    like i posted, ortho onc wants us to wait 3 weeks before starting any treatment. the only thing we are using right now is the graviola, until we get started with the traditional chemo/radiation

    i will be very surprised along with the rest of the people here if there are noticable improvements on his nodules just from the graviola on his future scans

    even though there have never been any human studies, there are some scientific merit on how graviola supposedly works on mice

    there has also never been any formal studies on whether taking antioxidants actually decreases the efficacy of chemo/radiation

    i will definitelt keep you guys updated as we learn more about my dads current situation


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