My 74 year old husband was treated for HPV throat cancer a year ago with 35 radiation treatments and 3 Cisplatin chemo therapy sessions. His pet scan from August 2018 showed no metastatic cancer. This past month March 2019 he was diagnosed with recurrence throat cancer. In February this year he had seen his ENT, an endoscopy was done and everything looked fine. A month later a tumor grew on the left side of his neck. Hopefully it can be removed. A recent petscan showed a bright spot on his right scapular shoulder bone. A bone scan and bone biopsy was done and proved to be cancer. The doctors have all said it is rare that the cancer had spread to that area. We are still in shock from the news, crying and praying helps me deal with it. His radiation oncologist wants to first remove the tumor followed by 30 sessions of radiation. The radiation oncologist said there is a possibility the treatments could leave him on a feeding tube for life and/or a trachea for breathing. The last radiation treatments nearly wiped him out. My husband does not want to live that way. We are seeking a 2nd opinion on the treatment plans and may have to travel to the mainland to Sloan Kettering or Stanford Medical Center. His medical oncologist wants him to undergo 96 hours of chemo to stop the cancer from spreading in his bones. Has this happened to anyone else? I can't stop crying as I am writing.