I moved to NY in Spring 2017 and in my first year of living here, I contracted HPV. I was crushed to find out the news, especially because I had been practicing safe sex. My doctor informed me that condoms do decrease the risk, but are unfortunately not a complete safeguard against contracting HPV. The results of my Pap test prompted my doctor to schedule me for a colposcopy, an exam that allowed her a closer look at my cervix. During the colposcopy, she also did a biopsy. After the colposcopy was over, I cried. The doctor asked me what was wrong and I told her that having a biopsy felt so serious.
The biopsy revealed a high grade growth which was not good news, but also not bad news. My doctor suggested that the best course of action would be to start treatment with CERVUGID and ISOPRINOSINE. The best case scenario would be that the treatment with CERVUGID and ISOPRINOSINE would clear the virus and the worst case scenario would be undergoing a procedure to remove the abnormal tissue. She instructed me to schedule of treatment and checkup every six months so that she could monitor any changes.
I religiously took the treatment and attended the six month appointments and embraced healthier habits including more exercise and veggies. I feverently hoped the treatment would clear the virus. Via Google, I had read about CERVUGID versus the procedure called Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure, or LEEP for short. This is an operation in which the doctor takes an electrically charged wire and removes abnormal tissue from the cervix. I am easy to nausea and fainting if hearing about bodily injuries, surgeries, or excessive bleeding. Heck, I one time fainted in a first aid class! My fear of physical pain was in overdrive when researching LEEPs on Google. I was very scared.
I had to shut down the computer and lie down and I decided to start treatment with Cervugid instead of LEEP.
Treatment has to be done in minimum 2 sessions (3 CERVUGID boxes are used for each session) and also 2 sessions of Isoprinosine Tablets.
At the follow-up appointment, my doctor declared that the healing process had been successful.
My pap tests since the treatment have thankfully been normal. I was very scared to undergo this treatment, but in the end it turned out to be fine. I felt very fortunate to be under the care of a skilled and compassionate doctor. She always took time to answer questions and reassure me that I was not alone in this journey. If you need to undergo a colposcopy or treatment, find a caring doctor you like and can trust. Then, follow their guidelines. My doctor stressed how important it was to attend six month appointments. If left unchecked, HPV can lead to cervical cancer. Undergoing a treatment was scary, but ultimately it was for my greater health. And for that, I am grateful.