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Thread: PET interpretation help

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    PET interpretation help

    1.7 cm solid nodule within the left lateral basilar segment of the left lower lobe with pleural extension, max SUV 1.97 at 60 minutes and 2.23 at 120 minutes which is 12% increased which mitigates the likelihood malignancy. Findings are not typical of malignancy but cant be excluded.

    This is the readings from the person that did the pet scan.

    27-year-old male with previously identified pulmonary nodule which was NOT PET avid. Unclear etiology.
    This is what my pulmonologist said.

    I am 28 now and in very good health. No symptoms healthy weight, very active, good runner etc.

    This scan was from one year ago. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and kind of worried.

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    Sorry the worry over the scan has brought you here to a Cancer Forum. I have moved your thread to our Worried Forum as you do not have a diagnosis and most likely, no cancer diagnosis will be made based on the findings you provided. However, keep in mind, we do not interpret test results. That is left up to medical professionals which we are not.

    Lung nodules are very common, most will have them at some point in their lifespan. Most are benign. I will also add that the median age for Lung Caner is 72 years old. While younger folks have been diagnosed, they fall outside of the norm.

    Your doctor is not worried so that should be some relief to you. I suspect they will just keep a watch on the nodule but for clarification, speak with your doctor.


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    Ok thank you


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