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Thread: Worried thyroid cancer

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    Worried thyroid cancer

    I have had multiple small nodules ( under 1 cm) in my thyroid for two years. Also, for two years I had these two enlarged lymph nodes on the right side of my neck and they wouldn't go away. Had 4 ultrasounds that showed the thyroid nodules stable, and the enlarged lymph nodes present in my neck. Had two MRI that didn't reveal anything. No thyroid nodules, no enlarged lymph nodes. Saw two ENTs who dismissed me based on the MRI showing nothing and the scope didn't reveal anything in my throat.
    I was happy and tried not think about it anymore

    A few months ago I started having pain in my neck and this sensation that something is stuck in there, burning on the roof top of my mouth, and spitting strings of blood from my throat in the morning.

    I had another ultrasound done three days ago and today I got the result saying that all the nodules in the thyroid are at the same size ( under 1 cm) but they are TIRADS 5, have micro calcifications, hypoechoing foci, and round. Also, the two enlarged lymph nodes on the right side of my neck, are now 7, 5 on the right side and 2 on the left side.

    My regular doctor wants me to see an oncologist as soon as possible. Last ultrasound and MRI were in november last year, 5 months ago, and I got completely dismissed and sent home. Now, my doctor tells me there is high suspicion of malignancy and I might be dealing with thyroid cancer that has spread to lymph nodes.

    How is it possible that two MRIs didn't show an active cancer that was spreading?
    Is it common that small thyroid nodules to spread to lymph nodes?

    I had breast cancer 4 years ago and I carry a mutation of the ATM gene that causes multiple cancers including thyroid.
    Needless to say I am consumed with worry.

    Has anybody experienced anything similar?

    Thank you!

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    Hello laurenfus:

    Sorry your worry has brought you here to our forum and we understand your worry. However, with that said, any thoughts on your particular situation would be speculative on our part so best to leave the diagnostic process left to the medical professionals.

    Your case seems unique in that you have had a cancer diagnosis in the past. This may be why your doctor is referring you to an oncologist at this point but it does sound he/she is being proactive with your help.

    I would push for an urgent appointment based on your cancer history. I have deleted the duplicate post of this thread that was in our Head and Neck Cancers as we do prefer to keep things all in one thread therefore, our members are able to respond and can get confusing if two like threads are being responded to. Also, this is the proper forum as no diagnosis has been made to this point.

    Please update this thread when you see your doctor and check back often for responses.

    Keep strong, stay focused on what needs to be done and know we are here for you.



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