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Thread: Low Grade Glioma with Nocturnal Seizures

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    Low Grade Glioma with Nocturnal Seizures

    Hello there,
    I am new here and this is my first post. My DH was diagnosed with a low grade glioma in the L temporal lobe and has suffered from 4 clonic tonic seizures, all nocturnal. He is a big guy, and therefore the seizures are very hard for me to manage as he progresses through the stages of the seizure. Looking for advice if anyone has had this and how they coped with the seizures??

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    Seizures are, in all but rare cases, manageable with medication. I suggest finding a epileptologist with experience in brain tumors - they may need to do an in-patient study with him hooked up to an EEG for an extended period including sleep while they try different drug combos. Regular NOs *think* they know how to manage seizures but its not their area of expertise - at the very least somone should start him on Keppra. Seizure meds can have side effects (fatigue, rage) but seizures are nasty business.

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