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Thread: Red rash on the head

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    Went to a dermatologist. He said it's not a lymphoma, nor allergy, nor infection. He cauterised some pimple looking rash and some small patches. Said to come back in one month. He refused to do a biopsy.
    Then I went to a cardiologist for my heart reactions to chemo. And he gave me a lot of useful advices and a copy of my CT ahead of my visit to the onc. This was a Midway CT and it showed reduction in all masses. The most drastic reduction was in the biggest mass in pleura. 11.4 x 3.5 cm now is 5.8 x 1.5 cm. Actually it was 15 cm in some weird direction, but now they did not measure it up in that direction.

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    If it persists once treatment is completed, I would demand a biopsy. They are no big deal.

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    Looks like pretty good news overall!

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    Yes, I am happy that my cancer responds. I was worried because I had several previous treatments. After each treatment the cancer can become drug resistant, so i was concerned. The problem is that I don't see any other lines of therapy in Canada. Zevalin is approved in my province, but hard to get it approved for me. The onc mentioned more cycles.


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