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Thread: Advice please: do I mention the lump?

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    Advice please: do I mention the lump?

    Hi, I’m very confused and somewhat worried, but I’m trying not to overthink this.

    I’m a 17 year old girl who has fibrocystic breast disease, inherited it from my mom (along with hypothyroidism, also inherited from my mom). I found this out a few months ago because I noticed a lump in my right breast that would send a surge of pain on occasion.

    After a few months of this consistently happening I mentioned it to her to see if she could feel it too, and she could (she’s a nurse, so I was fine with her checking), so we went to the pediatrician, who could also feel that pesky lump. I went for a sonogram to get done on it, and we couldn’t find it.

    After 3 people, myself and 2 medical professionals could feel it, we ultimately couldn’t find it. We just assumed it was a particularly finicky cyst made of fluid, hence why it went away after people touched it all day, but I was told to inform her- my doctor- if anything changed.

    Well, here we are, about 4 months later, things having changed. I try to check myself regularly for new lumps, you know, try to be proactive, but I’ve been so busy preparing for graduation that I just forgot to for the last 2 months or so. In that time span, the pain’s slowly gotten worse, more consistent, and more achy.

    It’s also begun to wrap itself under my armpit. I didn’t notice at first because I have carpal tunnel in my right arm and the lump’s in my right breast, so I assumed the pain was just from that. It wasn’t until recently I realized the connection because now the lump also burns, strangely.

    This has been happening for the last 2 weeks or so, with the burning sensation setting in just a few days ago, so I finally decided to give myself a run down for lumps again tonight to check up on things, and I noticed the lump’s gotten bigger; considerably bigger.

    I don’t want to worry about this, and I don’t want to worry my mom about this. It’s so expensive to make appointments, and my little sister is chronically ill, so I’d rather not make them spend more on a silly doctor’s appointment if it’s just going to be nothing again.

    But the true is, is that I’m worried. And I’m scared.

    And I can’t talk to anyone else about this, it feels. I don’t want to feel this way, but it’s hard to think about, especially when I know I inherited all this from my mom and my maternal grandmother died from breast cancer.

    So, do I tell my mom about the lump? Or do I just let it progress a few more months and if things start getting worse, then tell her. Right now I want to focus on graduation and starting college, but I also don’t want this to be in the back of my mind the entire time... any advice is helpful, I’m trying to avoid looking up symptoms so as to not worry myself further haha.

    Thanks so much.
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    Hi there -- and welcome to the forum.

    My own initial thoughts at reading your post (I also added some white space to make for easier reading) are that this does not sound like cancer to me -- but you are very wise to be proactive with it.

    For your peace of mind -- and for your health -- you MUST get this tracked down and diagnosed. As I said, it doesn't strike me as likely to be cancer, but only the doctor(s) can give the official word on this.

    On the probability that it is NOT cancer, it is still a very painful thing and you will need some medical help to take care of it.

    My other thought is that you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD tell your mom about it. In the unlikely event that it might be cancer, it is NEVER wise to give it a few months head start. Your mom would probably be mad if you let this go and not say anything.

    You might be surprised at how understanding she will be, especially as a nurse.

    So PLEASE have a talk with her and see if they can finally get this tracked down and identified for you.

    Let's see what others have to say over the next day or so -- and, of course, please keep us informed on how things are going!

    Now, stop worrying, have a talk with your mom -- and get it all taken care of.

    I have a feeling you are going to be just fine!

    Also, congratulations on your graduation.

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    I completely agree with Chuck's opinion and suggestions. I have a daughter and would be very upset if she did not come to me if she was so worried and scared. Your Mom is a nurse, she will know what to do and she should be your best advocate for your health and well being. Talk to her so that you can get everything sorted out and focusing on your upcoming graduation.

    Our opinion, medically, would only be speculative. Leave it up to the medical professionals to assess your health .

    Speak with your Mom .


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    Thank you. For some reason, it helps a lot seeing it written out that itís not that. I donít know why Iím so worried when the statistics of the lump being that is so low, in addition to the fact that during my scare last year my doctor explained to me that breast cancer rarely presents itself with pain; Iím trying to be reasonable with myself. Thank you for the gentle guidance. Iíll speak with my mother about it later this weekend and get her opinion and go forth from there. Sorry to take up space on such a vital forum with such a useless post, but your post was very helpful in easing my nerves!


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