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    I have my first dermatology appointment on June 15 to get some moles checked out. They are both on my bottom of my left foot, on the sole, and one of them has started changing shape, so I would really like to get them removed asap. Do derms remove moles on the first visit? Or is it something that they look at and schedule a removal for later on? I'm asking because I have been waiting for this appointment for a long time and I do not want to do any more waiting as these moles have me concerned.

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    If they look at all suspicious (to the dermatologist), they will usually remove and test them on the spot. You could always call the dermatologists' office and ask them, too.
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    Agree with the above post. My husband did have melanoma (but I am NOT saying that you do They will remove anything suspicious and send off to the lab in the same appointment.
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    It depends on how easy they are to remove. They will often remove them at the time but may bring you back for another appointment, usually soon.


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