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Thread: Lymphadenopathy

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    About two months ago i noticed small bumps along the top of both collar bones. Actually on the bones. They haven't gotten bigger, but have multiplied. I've accidentally come upon, by itching or bathing, the same tiny bumps in my elbow creases and slightly above, and behind one ear. Also, two on my chest bone(like in-between breasts).

    Not knowing or having the slightest idea I looked at a diagram of the human body and are seeing these must be lymph nodes. I just registered with a PCP and am making an appointment this week. Anyone experience this? They do not hurt at all, are firm, but some move around slightly. I haven't been sick. Is it good they haven't gotten bigger? I really don't think they were there before...I feel I would've noticed.

    Should I ask the PCP any certain questions? The only other symptom I can possibly think of is that randomly I'll get this tickle/shortness of breath feeling...it lasts just a few minutes then subsides.

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    Well, you are doing the correct thing by seeing your PCP rather than asking random strangers to help diagnose you. Strange bumps, it could be anything. May even be allergies. Shortness of breath, probably no correlation with the bumps but again, we are not doctors. Make sure you explain all your concerns to your PCP as posting on a cancer site at this point, is a little extreme.

    Good luck to you. Feel free to update this thread after, you have seen your PCP.


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