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Thread: Could it (be) bad cancer?

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    Could it (be) bad cancer?

    I have a colonoscopy appointment soon but wanted to get some possible ideas if whatís going on with me could be cancer or ibs...
    My symptoms have been going on for over six months. My stools generally come out now with a rectangular flatter shape, only seen blood a few times. Sometimes it looks normal or can be flat but have a normal caliber size. No mucus observed. I get bloating often, more so lately and seem to have a great deal of gas. Feels like I need to go often but donít or rather pass gas and donít actually poop. Occasionally get nausea, especially after I poop. No abdominal pain ever, and somewhat more tired than usual but no extreme fatigue. Overall. All of these symptoms come and go. Sometimes Iíll go several days with normal poop and no nausea. Then it comes right back. Colon cancer runs in both sides grandfathers but one was disgust 57 the other not until his 90s

    I am 39. Father and brother both have ibs and day they get a lot of pain. I donít.

    Any suggestions or thoughts???

    Much appreciated!
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    Sorry you find yourself posting here on a cancer forum. We can not speculate the cause of your worries as only a medically trained professional can evaluate, run test's if deemed necessary.

    You are following the correct course of action so make the appointment, follow through with your physician.


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    That's why you they are given you a test , see what's going on up in your colon. IBS, irritable bowel is a lot more common than cancer is, especially for someone as young as you are. But, by all means, have the test. If the doctor sees something suspicious while he has his scope up there, he'll snip off a sample, send it off to the pathology lab. You will know quickly enough for sure. Whatever it is, they'll have a treatment plan ready for you. GI symptoms are very common.
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    As others have said.
    Get the colonoscopy done as your symptoms cover several digestive problems, not necessarily colon cancer.
    Keep in mind 80% of Colorectal cancer is diagnosed in people over 60 years old.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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